New Brunswick PNP Points Calculator

Discover your scores for New Brunswick PNP streams in under 2-3 minutes. This tool aids in evaluating your scores for the below streams:

1. New Brunswick Express Entry Stream
2. New Brunswick Strategic Initiative Stream
3. New Brunswick Skilled Worker Stream

New Brunswick PNP Points Calculator
New Brunswick PNP Points Grid

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In order to check your eligibility for the New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Program (NBPNP), you must provide your CLB/NCLC levels. If you are unsure about your CLB level, you can use the link provided to find out your CLB level.

"CLB Calculator"

The purpose of the exploratory visit is for you to undertake thorough research regarding employment and living prospects in New Brunswick.
Days spent traveling, statutory holidays, and weekends are excluded from the minimum requirement of 5 full business days.
Note: Your language proficiency test must be valid and written within the last 2 years.
Your relative must be a parent; grandparent; child; grandchild; sibling (child of your parent); aunt or uncle (by blood or marriage); or niece or nephew (grandchild of your parent).
Your spouse or partner must have gained this work experience with a valid work permit, or while authorized to work in Canada.

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